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Watchitoo Rebrands as “newrow_” with Launch of First Online Learning Platform to Power Live Mobile Video Classrooms with 25+ Participants

Today at the 20th annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference, newrow_ (formerly Watchitoo) launched the industry’s first mobile learning platform to allow 25 or more students and instructors to work simultaneously in a live video classroom environment from any mobile device. The newrow_ for education platform seamlessly integrates with top Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Blackboard, Canvas and Brightspace. These systems, which are used by some of the world’s leading educational institutions, can now offer live mobile video classroom environments at scale.

As the popularity of larger screen mobile devices like the iPhone 6/6+ and Samsung Galaxy grows, newrow_ offers educators a way to extend the same visual learning environment of the traditional online classroom to smartphones and tablets. The application’s support of face-to-face mobile video contact allows students to connect with their peers and educators at anytime from anywhere. This enhances the overall learning experience, while creating a more personal, engaging environment for today’s mobile-first student population.

“We’re giving people a new way to participate in the world’s most innovative online classrooms no matter where they are,” said Rony Zarom, founder and CEO of newrow_. “Live video connections from mobile devices offer students and educators what they want – a powerful and more convenient way to learn from the devices they love and use every day.”

In addition to a newly designed, user-friendly interface, newrow_ for education provides a rich set of proven video and interactive classroom features, including live file annotation and moderated text chat. With its support for popular iOS and Android devices, it’s easy for instructors and students to watch and engage in live discussions on the device of their choice. newrow_ also offers a powerful classroom management suite that enables instructors to manage audience video feeds and class discussions. Some of the key features include:

  • Engaging Content – Includes auxiliary materials for live, on-screen annotations as well as a library of videos and resources for after-class studying. This gives educators a way to offer access to supporting documents that enrich the classroom experience.
  • Instructor Controls – Provide class instructors with learning management capabilities, including audience monitoring tools, video/audio highlights for participants and live polling to create more engaging presentations. As a result, class instructors and TAs can ensure a rich and effective online learning environment.
  • Breakout Sessions – Extend the conversation beyond the classroom by providing up to 11 students the option to engage in groups privately by conducting a virtual online breakout session. This helps extend the benefits of smaller group discussion to the mobile classroom.

newrow_ for education is the industry’s first online learning platform to bring interactive, live classroom capabilities to mobile devices, transforming educational access and engagement for students and instructors. To learn more about newrow_, visit www.newrow.com.

About newrow_
newrow_ provides an interactive video platform purpose-built to engage large groups of people online. The company’s advanced collaboration and multi-streaming video technology is trusted by the world’s top online classrooms, corporate training programs, brands and governments. newrow_ allows large groups to interact face-to-face from anywhere, on any device. newrow_ (formerly known as Watchitoo) is a privately held company based in New York City. For more information, visit http://www.newrow.com.