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McGraw-Hill Education Remote Proctoring Solution Offers Secure Assessment Experience for Online and Blended Courses

McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring service helps schools ensure integrity of exams administered off campus

SANTA CLARA, Calif., – Oct. 1, 2012 – Exam halls at colleges and universities across the country have been going virtual thanks to the remote proctoring capabilities contained within McGraw-Hill Tegrity Campus. Today, McGraw-Hill Education launched McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring, a new service providing the growing number of schools offering online and blended courses with a quick path to securely and efficiently administer exams and other assessments over the Internet. Students enrolled in online or blended courses can now take exams from home or any Internet-enabled location, giving colleges and universities true “test anywhere” capabilities.

To meet the needs of today’s students, many institutions are offering online programs and degrees as well as blended courses that combine traditional face-to-face classes with online-based discussions and assignments. Despite the compelling and virtual nature of their offerings, when exam time comes around, institutions have been forced to return to physical on-campus halls or off-campus proctoring sites to comply with industry standards. For many online and blended learning students, the distance between these testing sites and their homes means they are required to travel hours and pay hundreds of dollars to complete an exam. These unexpected costs can be a real challenge for many students.

McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring alleviates this burden by enabling schools to securely administer exams in any location. Now, within an end-to-end secure environment, students can log in, authenticate themselves and take and submit their exams from the comfort of their homes, coffee shops or any Internet-connected location. The security and integrity of the testing environment is ensured through Remote Proctoring’s proprietary technology and its seamless integration with leading “lock down” browsers such as Respondus LockDown. Thanks to McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring, students are finally liberated from the geographic and economic limitations of traditional proctor sites.

“Remote proctoring offers instructors a new world of possibilities for exams and assessments and we’re seeing a number of universities create unique curricula based around web tools like remote proctoring and video-based lecture capture,” said Tom Malek, vice president of Learning Solutions and Services for McGraw-Hill Higher Education. “We’ve heard from deans and faculty alike that remote proctoring also provides students greater flexibility to complete exams on their own schedule without having to travel long distances or worry about fees associated with proctored sites. This is especially important as today’s student body includes more and more non-traditional students, balancing work, family and other responsibilities.”

Laramie County Community College in Wyoming has used the McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring solution in more than 15 programs including nursing, public speaking, business management and exercise science courses. According to LCCC Nursing Instructor Valerie Millsap, MSN, RN, “Remote Proctoring has provided our students much more flexibility to complete exams on their schedule, without having to travel far distances to proctored class environments, while still maintaining the integrity of course assessments and curriculum.”

McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring has also allowed Laramie County Community College to expand its assessment capabilities. Instructors now create more interactive exams allowing students to leverage audio and visual assets in place of generic multiple choice questions. Students are now being assessed beyond standard knowledge regurgitation, focusing on performance, applied learning and comprehension.

McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring continues McGraw-Hill Education’s tradition of delivering cutting-edge technology products and services that strengthen learning results. To learn more about McGraw-Hill Tegrity Remote Proctoring, please visit: http://www.tegrity.com/products/remote-proctoring.

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