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AssessmentTA from ExamSoft Helps Faculty Members Give Students More than Just a Grade

ExamSoft, the leading provider of intelligent embedded assessment solutions, today announced, AssessmentTA, a combination of easy-to-use software and dedicated services that will help faculty focus on teaching, provide direct-evidence of student learning, and spend less time grading. Assessment TA streamlines the creation and delivery of exams and enables faculty to track and measure performance across learning objectives. Provided at no cost to faculty or the institution, AssessmentTA includes personalized help from ExamSoft’s assessment experts to ensure faculty members are fully supported as they use the system. A software fee for students is less than most college-level textbooks and covers unlimited exams per semester.

AssessmentTA enables faculty to tag questions to various learning objectives, which are stored in a database so they can be tracked across an exam or course. This helps instructors see a blueprint of each exam broken out by learning objective, making it easier to get a full picture of student performance and reduce grading time. This means faculty members can make the most of office hours or other individual guidance sessions with students and adjust exams for use in future courses. Every exam created with the intelligent assessment platform can also be delivered securely on iPads and laptops without an internet connection or via paper (Scantron).

“We are dedicated to helping faculty help every student by providing a real-time connection to direct evidence of learning. AssessmentTA provides more than just a grade, it provides personalized, real-time feedback after every assessment,” said Daniel Muzquiz, Chief Executive Officer of ExamSoft. “Essentially this platform enables faculty to easily close feedback loops with students and administrators while proving the equivalent of a full time teaching assistant to create, deliver and grade exams, quickly and easily.”

AssessmentTA is designed to expedite a process that has traditionally been arduous. When faculty members register for AssessmentTA they will work with an assessment expert from ExamSoft who will provide support, insights, and best practices for creating and analyzing assessments. ExamSoft experts can help with uploading test questions, tagging questions to learning outcomes, creating reports with meaningful feedback for students, faculty and administrators by mapping curriculum back to course and institutional learning outcomes.

“The ExamSoft platform is definitely an upgrade from the Word documents and fill-in-the-bubble system we formerly used to create exams,” said Jenifer Van Deusen, Curriculum Director at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. “Students appreciate the snapshot the ‘Strengths and Opportunities’ report provides. We use it to cover not only what topics but also what types of questions students are exceling at or struggling with, so they can understand how to prioritize their studying. Plus, the assurance of having the knowledgeable ExamSoft team only a phone call away provides me some peace of mind.”

The platform is free for institutions. The $25 per semester, per student fee is assessed similar to a textbook and is paid for by the student. AssessmentTA is transferable, meaning students do not have to pay multiple times if the platform is used in more than one of their classes, and includes unlimited exams. Faculty members at major institutions have already started signing up for AssessmentTA so they can give their students even more insight into their own path to success.

Individuals interested in registering their course for AssessmentTA or learning more can visit http://assessmentta.com.

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