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Online Course Quality Assurance: Using Evaluations and Surveys to Improve Online Teaching and Learning

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In today’s competitive online learning landscape, students have more options and higher expectations than ever before. Ensuring quality is not just important, it’s critical … and it requires constant vigilance. Simply having an online program is no longer good enough, if it ever was. So what are you doing to ensure the quality of online courses and programs at your institution?

Creating surveys is easy, but creating good surveys take more thought and effort. This special report will show you how to build surveys that ask the right questions, the right way, to get the information you need.

In the report you will find 10 articles from Online Classroom, including a three-part and a five-part series that provides step-by-step guidance on how to use surveys and evaluations to improve online courses, programs, and instruction. You’ll learn when to use surveys, how to design effective survey questions, why it’s important to ensure anonymity, and the advantages and disadvantages of Web-based surveys.

Learn the best survey strategies for improving your online courses

Articles in Online Course Quality Assurance: Using Evaluations and Surveys to Improve Online Teaching and Learning include:

  • Online Teaching Fundamentals: What to Evaluate, parts 1-3
  • Course and Instructor Evaluation: If It’s So Good, Why Does It Feel So Bad?
  • Getting Evaluation Data through Surveys: What to Consider before Getting Started
  • Using Surveys to Improve Courses, Programs, and Instruction, parts 1-5

In order to improve online programs, courses, and instruction, you have to first determine your goals, select metrics that will tell you what we want to know, analyze these metrics for clues about needed changes, and then make those changes. It may sound simple, but it isn’t.

If you’re dedicated to continuous improvement, this special report is loaded with practical advice that will help you create more effective surveys before, during, and after your course ends.

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