Seven Steps to Creating Screencast Videos for Online Learning

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  1. @yogiconomist

    Great advice for those looking to get into screencasts. I use the free version of Screenr and have had good feedback from my students. It has an "upload to YouTube" feature, which makes it seamless to put your work on the web. For some examples, here is the link to my YouTube channel with my Intermediate Microeconomics screencasts.

    One piece of advice to those new at creating screencasts – they don't have to be perfect!

  2. Robert J. Moore

    This article makes a good point that modern information technology can be used to make on-line teaching come more alive by taking the simple steps outlined, in most cases with free software. The more senses you effectively engage while teaching, the better. Techniques such as this are going to become more and more important as traditional community colleges and universities move toward offering some of their courses on-line (there is a pending bill in the California legislature that would authorize exactly that. For more information, see

    As pointed out in the article, it is also a good idea not to try and use too many features. Use only the ones that really will make a difference.

  3. Jason

    Yvonne, I am going to use this post with some high school English teachers soon. Would you want to talk to the group via Skype? How do I contact you?

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