Five Factors that Affect Online Student Motivation

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  1. Mike Byster

    As an educator, I believe it is very important to teach material that is important for the future of the students. When inventing my math and memory system Brainetics (, I wanted to focus on new subjects and innovative methods to teach. By teaching for the 21st century, students will be more prepared in the future. It seems like so many aspects of today’s society centers around the digital environment and teaching should be altered to adapt.

    Great article,

    Mike Byster
    Inventor of Brainetics, Educator, Author of Genius, Mathematician

  2. Ruth Joy

    There’s a connection between caring and success, especially if students know that their instructor’s goal is to help them to be successful and does so by giving them clear guidelines and plenty of specific feedback. I would add to the building interest example, the use of relevant blogs. My ed majors are each assigned and education blog that they report to the rest of the class about. It keeps us up to date on current issues and lets students think about and weigh in on specific events. I’m not so sure that letting students opt to attend a workshop instead of taking an assessment empowers them, but it does give them choices.

  3. Online Courses

    It is very important to teach material for make the future of student. Motivated students are more likely to engage in activities that help them learn..Its very nice and motivation tips.

  4. Kenneth Wyka

    This article was "music" to my ears (and mind). It was to the point and reinforced several essential techniques on how to reach out to students.

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